Things you will need:

Note: Make sure you have a grown up with you to help with scissors and small pieces

Step 1:  Paint the outside of the paper bowl and the wooden cutlery and/or craft sticks in colours of your choice.   Leave to dry.  You could paint different colours on each side of the cutlery and sticks or add extra decoration if you like.

Step 2:  Ask an adult to make holes in the paper bowl.  One in the centre and more around the rest of the bowl.  Try to have them as evenly spaced as possible.

Step 3:  Cut lengths of string, one for each hanging piece.  Tape one length of string to the handle of each.

Step 4:  Thread the centre piece first.  Tie a knot in the string about 8 cms from the top of the handle, then thread the string from the inside of the centre hole.  Tie a loop at the end of the string on the outside. 

Step 5:  Thread the rest of the pieces through the holes in the bowl from the inside and tie a knot to prevent them from slipping out.  For a better effect, make the strings different lengths.

Step 6:  Hang the chimes from the top loop to a tree or bracket then listen to them gently rattle in the breeze.