Isn’t it Time for…

Scrufflelumps are fascinating creatures! Potato is the name the Squirrels give to the cute pink furry creature Norrie finds at the Clubhouse. Potato is a Scrufflelump.
Potato pretends he can’t speak until a family of Scrufflelumps knock on the door of the Clubhouse and reveal that the funny little creature is actually their dad who has been ‘observing the local wildlife’. Naughty Potato!

Sniffing things, making a mess

Doing as he’s stold

Sounds like

Sorry, I’ve been observing the local wildlife“

Scrufflelumps, The Pet Badge


Full name:

Potato and the Scrufflelumps



Meet the voiceover artist

Potato is voiced by none other than Hey Duggee creator Grant Orchard

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