Before you get a real pet, try looking after your very own DIY Scrufflelump!

An image of three complete Scruffalumps, coloured green, pink and blue.

You will need

Note: Make sure a grown up helps with scissors and small pieces

To make:

  1. Cut two identical donut shapes with a gap big enough to wind wool around
  2. Join the cardboard shapes together and wind the wool around them
  3. Keep winding the wool around until it is nice and squishy
  4. Carefully cut along the wool between the cardboard, holding the centre
  5. Tie a piece of wool around the pom pom between thecardboard to keep everything in place
  6. To make the legs, ears and eyes, trace and cut shapes from the felt
  7. Glue the feet, eyes and ears to the pom pom to finish your Scrufflelump… Potato!
  8. Repeat these steps to make your own Scrufflelump family

Remember to use #HeyDuggee when you share your Scrufflelump pictures online!

Download the instructions