What’s it all about?

Happy has always loved the water – even though it makes a mess! But while swimming around in his paddling pool at the playhouse, Duggee reminds the Squirrels that there was a time when Happy feared water.

On Happy’s first day, his mum drops him off and he is excited. He goes to play with Norrie and Roly and has loads of fun baking, playing with toys and jumping over puddles… but Happy can’t do it. He’s terrified of water – and everywhere he looks, there’s water! Norrie and Roly show him water is not scary. Happy is convinced and that is where his love of water begins.

This Is The Episode Where…

  • We reaaaally witness Happy’s love of water
  • And discover it wasn’t always that way
  • Ethel and Goldfish help show the Squirrels all the amazing things water can do
  • Water can be used to paint, water flowers and wash clothes

Water! “


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