Isn’t it time for…

Amma was one of Duggee‘s original Squirrels who was a bit accident prone. Now she’s grown up and runs a repair shop!

Fixing things

Sounds like

I broke so many things I thought I should learn how to fix them.“

Amma, The Reunion Badge


Full name:



Fennec Fox


Fixer, Former Squirrel Club Member

Related characters:

Mo, Nala, Berna, Pip

Meet the voice actor

Morgana Robinson voices lots of Duggee favourites including Katerina, Peggee and Snail.
Morgana is a versatile BAFTA-winning actor, writer and comedian renowned for her comedic character performances and impressions. She has appeared in various sketch shows including The Morgana Show, Very Important People, and Morgana Robinson’s The Agency, where she both impersonated celebrities and played original characters.

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