A-woof! Kick off 2024 with some superb new Duggee crafts for Squirrels to get stuck into. From pocket-sized plushies to a special Hennie pencil, there’s plenty to keep them busy this January.

Make a hencil!

Get set for back-to-school with this fabulous pencil craft. It’s a bit of a tall order (just like Hennie)! First, make Hennie’s fluffy pom-pom body and then create her feet and head, before assembling. Just check out the finished look below. It’s terribly jolly, as Hennie would say.

Get the full instructions below, suuuu-per!

Pocket-sized pals

Ribbit! These simple Chicken and Frog softies are the perfect size for Squirrels to pop in their pockets and play with. What’s more, they’re really easy to make, so why not make LOTS? Peck it out!

Get the lowdown on how to make them below.

Squirrels Still Feeling crafty?

Head over to our Makes page packed with loads more cool makes, bakes and activities for crafty Squirrels to get stuck into!