What’s it all about?

As Peggee and the Hummingbirds journey up the river to deliver a parcel, they have fun spotting and avoiding the wildlife that they meet along the way. But where are they going and what’s in the parcel?

The Hummingbirds see the likes of meerkats, an aye-aye and snapping turtles and soon bump into some friendly faces – Duggee and the Squirrels! They are delivering a parcel upstream too. They reach their destination – Chew Chew’s cave – at the same time. They deliver them at the same time, but they contain different things – one is full of biscuits and the other organic almond milk. They aren’t the same but they go really well together, just like the Squirrels and Hummingbirds!

This Is The Episode Where…

  • The Hummingbirds and the Squirrels are both delivering a parcel to the same place
  • Otti finds playing with the boat whistle hard to resist
  • Otti and Roly finally get to sound the boat whistle when they reach their destination
  • Chew Chew is waiting for both parcels in her mysterious-looking cave
  • Biscuits and organic almond milk go very well together!

Ewwww, they SMELL the SAME!“


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