What’s it all about?

Happy has set his sights on a very questionable looking puddle that he is determined to splash in. Duggee and the other Squirrels don’t think Happy should. And neither do the tiny citizens of Midgetropolis who live inside it!

Oh no! Happy has stepped in the puddle and it’s making his feet tickle. The tiny inhabitants of the puddle are not pleased and need to get the big green monster (AKA Happy) out before he destroys their little town.

This Is The Episode Where…

  • The creatures in the puddle are not happy that Happy has stepped in their puddle!
  • The other Squirrels think the puddle is a bit green and smelly
  • The Squirrels learn about algae – a kind of water plant that can make a puddle a bit smelly
  • Algae is very attractive to lots of little creatures that are very hard to see

It’s a bit smelly, I think I’ve had enough of puddles for one day Duggee.“


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