I’d rather be at Squirrel Club!

what’s it all about?

It can’t be Squirrel club every day! Sometimes, Duggee needs a little “me” time, to relax in the clubhouse with Enid the Cat, catch up on a few household chores, and have a well-earned nap. However, just because there’s no Squirrel Club that day doesn’t mean that the Squirrels aren’t nearby. Any excuse for a DUGGEE HUG!

This is the episode where:

  1. Other things everyone sees on their way to the surprise destination include a Wombat’s Wobbly Water Mill, Bagpipe Bridge, and a mountain that’s shaped a bit like a Knickerbocker Glory.
  2. The Loch Ness Monster who lives under Bagpipe Bridge sounds quite a lot like Sean Connery.
  3. Duggee gets quite flustered around Tag’s Mum.
Isn't it time for...?

Isn’t it time for…?

At the start of the episode, we see the Milkman delivering milk to the clubhouse!

What did we learn?

  1. A day off is a day when we have no plans, nowhere we need to be and nothing we have to do… except relax!
  2. Even if we’re having some “me” time, we can still see our friends! What will you do with your next day off?
Well that was fun, wasn't it, Duggee?

Well that was fun, wasn’t it, Duggee?

Duggee is about to reply when the flying fish Tag was searching for zips into view, making Duggee laugh!

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