There’s a monster outside!!

what’s it all about?

Duggee takes the squirrels on a camping trip to experience the great outdoors but things don’t quite go to plan. The squirrels have forgotten half of their things, Roly can’t stick the tent poles together and the goat eats some of Duggee’s books. Maybe it might be easier to stay inside?

This is the episode where:

  1. Duggee keeps the squirrels awake with his snoring
isn't it time for...?

isn’t it time for…?

Betty is conducting a science experiment in her house before she heads off for fun at the Clubhouse .

What did we learn?

  1. We learnt that keeping things simple with a group of squirrels might be best!
  2. Camping is a lot of fun but so is sleep…
Well that was fun, wasn't it, Duggee?

Well that was fun, wasn’t it, Duggee?

Duggee is asleep outside the Clubhouse in his sleeping bag (bliss… finally).

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