What’s it all about?

Aww. Duggee is stroking Enid the cat. She loves it. Time to find some other animals that like being stroked, Squirrels!

The Squirrels love Enid and want to stroke her. But Enid doesn’t want to be stroked. The Squirrels are looking for other animals they can stroke to show how much they love them. But all the animals are too buzzy, too jumpy, too big, too hysterical, too snarly or too small. Except for Duggee. Aaaah.

This Is The Episode Where…

  • Enid runs away when all the Squirrels try and stroke her at once
  • The Squirrels find other animals to stroke
  • Tag enjoys stroking a slug
  • Betty enjoys stroking a tortoise
  • Roly tries to stroke a bee!

A goldfish might be a bit too wet to stroke“


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