What’s it all about?

Eugene is Duggee’s friend and the leader of the Big Parade. Poor Eugene has lost his hat. Perhaps the Squirrels can help?

Don’t worry Eugene, the Squirrels will help! They can find you a new hat in their dressing up box. But now more things are going wrong with the parade. Naughty Monkey has been eating his costume, one of the elephants has a cold and Eugene has hurt his leg. Maybe Duggee and the Squirrels can help lead the parade. That would be fun wouldn’t it Squirrels!

This Is The Episode Where…

  • Eugene, the leader of the Big Parade, teaches the Squirrels what a parade is
  • He tells the Squirrels that things keep going wrong!
  • Ouch! Eugene’s leg gets hurt!
  • The Squirrels offer to help Eugene

There’s so much to do! And the worst thing is, I’ve lost my hat“


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