Mawk, the friendly bird from Hey Duggee's The Summer Holiday Badge!

Get Your summer holiday Badge!

Mawk is a friendly bird getting ready for his Summer Holidays – but he’s forgotten to pack his suitcase! Luckily, Duggee and the Squirrels are keen to help, and manage to earn their Summer Holiday Badges in the process!

Get your Summer Holiday Badges by completing the tasks in our activity sheet…and print up and cut your own Hey Duggee sunglasses with our printable!

Download the Summer Holiday Badge Activity Sheet

Print and cut out your own Duggee sunglasses with our printable!

Extra points go to Squirrels who can answer the following question: When Mawk loses his toothbrush, Norrie finds it for him…but where is it?

Don’t know the answer? Find out at Hey Duggee: The Summer Holiday Badge!