Roly bounces on a mushroom to help Enid in Hey Duggee: The Rescue Badge

Get Your rescue Badge!

Enid the cat loves chasing mice…but she didn’t bank on being stranded up a tree by Johnny and Co! Thank goodness Tag heard her miaows and Duggee and the Squirrels were on hand to rescue her – and get their Rescue Badges in the process!

Now, you can earn your own Rescue Badge by filling in our activity sheet – and help Duggee through the maze to rescue Enid (again!) in our printable puzzle!

Download the Rescue Badge Activity Sheet

Help Duggee rescue Enid the cat in our printable puzzle!

Extra points if you can tell us what Duggee and the Squirrels make to rescue Enid! Don’t know the answer? Find out by watching Hey Duggee: The Rescue Badge!