Hey Duggee: The Squirrels relax in the Paddling Pool Badge episode!

Get Your pADDLING POOL Badge!

When it’s hot, a paddling pool is the perfect way to keep cool! You just need to pump enough air into your pool…and then find enough water to fill it up!

Duggee and the Squirrels struggled to fill the pool up – but then they found the answer, and earned their Paddling Pool Badges in the process!

You can earn your own Padding Pool Badge by filling in our activity sheet – and use our printable to make your own Roly bath toy!

Download the Paddling Pool Activity Sheet

Make your own bath toy with our Hey Duggee printables!

Extra points to those Squirrels who can tell us what fills the paddling pool with air and water when Duggee’s pump fails? Don’t know the answer? Watch Hey Duggee: The Paddling Pool Badge to find out!