Earn your round up badge with your very own hobby horse!

Every experienced cowhand needs a horse to help wrangle up the cows. Make this handy hobby horse so all your teddies can help you find the cows.

To make your very own small hobby horse you will need:

Note: Make sure you have a grown up with you to help with scissors and small pieces.

Here’s how to make your very own small hobby horse:

  1. Paint the stick in a colour of your choice. Leave about 4cms at one end of the stick unpainted. Leave to dry.
  2. Print out the template page and cut out the head, ears and eyes.
  3. Draw around the head shape twice and the ear twice on the coloured card and cut out. Don’t forget to make sure there is an adult with you to help.
  4. Cut off the nose section from the head template and use this to cut out 2 nose shapes in the contrast colour card.
  5. Cut out the eyes and leave to one side for later.
  6. To make the mane, you will need short lengths of wool. A good way to do this is to wind the wool around a strip of card which is half the width of the finished lengths of wool. Cut through one side of the wool loops and you’ll have lots of bits the same length.
  7. On one of the head shapes, spread glue around the top of the head around the back and down the neck. Lay the wool on top leaving long lengths sticking out.
  8. For the stick, glue the unpainted section of the stick to the centre of the neck next to the mane.
  9. Spread some glue all over the 2nd head shape of card making sure it’s facing the opposite way from the 1st. Stick the head shapes together which will sandwich the mane and stick. Keep pressing all around the edges to help them stick together.
  10. When the head is dry, glue the contrast nose sections, ears and eyes to each side of the head.
  11. Using a black marker pen, draw a mouth and nostril on both nose sections.
  12. Your Hobby Horse is ready to give to your teddy!