Things you will need:


Step 1.  Tear off some sheets from the roll of tissue.  Carefully tear the tissue into random shape pieces.

Step 2.  When you have a pile of tissue pieces start laying them on the rack or mesh overlapping the edges.  If you’ll be making the paper into a greetings card it’s a good idea to use the pieces with straight edges around the outside of your shape. When the layer is complete, spray water all over the tissue until completely soaked.  A good idea is to stand the rack on a tray to catch the drips of water.

Step 3.  Sprinkle the wet tissue with some seeds.

Step 4.  Repeat with a second layer of tissue pieces, spray with water and sprinkle on more seeds.

Step 5.  Continue to layer the tissue, water and seeds until you have done about 6-8 layers of tissue.

Step 6.  Use a rolling pin to flatten the paper.

Step 7.  The paper needs to dry  –  you can either leave it to dry naturally or leave it in an airing cupboard overnight.

Step 8.  To make a greetings card from your seed paper, trim the edges and fold in half.  If the paper is a bit crinkly you could ask an adult to iron it for you.  Make sure they cover the paper with a cloth before placing the hot iron on top.  Paint a Hey Duggee flower on the front.