Things you will need:

Note: Make sure a grown-up helps with scissors and small pieces

Step 1.   Cut out a 2.5 cms section from the tube container.  You now have a ring for the drum. Make three holes around the ring – 2 on the sides opposite each other and a larger one at the bottom for the pencil handle.

Step 2.   Draw around the ring on 2 pieces of coloured paper.  Draw another line about 1cm larger around the edge – it doesn’t have to be too accurate.  Ask an adult to help you cut the larger circles out.  Make snips with the scissors from the outside circle to the inner one all around.  Fold these tabs inwards.

Step 3.   Spread some glue around one edge of the cardboard ring.  Place one of the paper circles over the glued side the the ring, press and stick the tabs down.  One side of the drum is now covered with coloured paper.

Step 4.   Feed the string through the 2 side holes.  Push the pencil through the larger bottom hole to reach the inside top edge.  Secure the pencil inside the drum at the top and bottom with tape or glue.

Step 5.   Take the second paper circle and glue to the other side of the cardboard ring as before.

Step 6.   To neaten the outside edge, stick a length of tape around to cover the paper tabs.  Make a little snip with your scissors on one side to go around the string and pencil.

Step 7.   Thread 2 or 3 beads on each side of the string and tie a knot on the ends.  Make sure the beads reach the centre of the drum.

Step 8.    Wind some coloured tape around the pencil handle to decorate and help keep it in place.

Step 9.    Stick pictures of your favourite Hey Duggee characters on to the drum.

Step 10.  To play the drum, hold the pencil and twist so that the beads hit the sides.

Download the Hey Duggee Characters!