Things you will need:

Note: Make sure you have a grown up with you to help with scissors and small pieces

Step 1:   Draw a line from the bottom of the handle to the base of the bottle on both sides.  Ask an adult to cut around the line.  You now have a scoop container when holding the handle.

Step 2:   Stick tape around to cover the cut edge.

Step 3:   To decorate the outside, tear some coloured tissue paper or paper napkin into random pieces – try not to have too many straight edges. 

Step 4:  Spread glue over the bottle and stick pieces of tissue to cover the outside completely including the lid.  Overlap the pieces and cover the tissue with glue as you go.  Don’t worry if the colours run into each other – this gives a more interesting design.  Leave to dry.

Step 5:  To make the ball, scrunch up the newspaper into a tight ball and secure with tape.

Step 6:   Cover the ball with the kitchen paper pieces and glue – leave to dry.  This gives a good surface for the paint.

Step 7:  Finally, paint the ball in the colour of your choice.  It’s a good idea to paint one half first and leave to dry before painting the other half.  Stand the ball in an egg cup or small bowl lined with clingfilm while drying.

To play the game:

If playing on your own, throw the ball in the air and try to catch it in your scoop.

If playing with a friend, you will need one scoop each.  Use the scoop to throw and catch the ball to each other.