Brave Banana Cape

Earn your Brave Banana Badge with the super cape and mask combo!



  1. felt (blue, yellow, brown, orange, red)
  2. a large piece of yellow felt
  3. red ribbon
  4. scissors
  5. fabric glue
  6. pen/marker
  7. paper
  8. velcro

Note: Make sure you have a grown up with you to help with scissors and small pieces


  1. Print the templates provided & cut out all the shapes. One large crest for the cape and a smaller one for a T-shirt, shirt or other.
  2. Gather all the shapes marked for the shields and leave the rest aside for later. Place the crest shape on the coloured felt, trace along the edges using a pen and carefully cut it out with scissors. Repeat this step with all the shapes for the two shields. Cut two long narrow strips from the orange felt and lots of small rectangles from the yellow felt.
  3. Now let’s start glueing the shield together. First, glue the small yellow rectangles around the edge of the large red shield shape, making a striped pattern. Second, glue the blue shield on top of the yellow stripes. Third, the banana! Glue the small brown shapes to either end of the banana, turn it over and glue the thin orange strip along with the curve of the banana as shown. Then glue it on top of the blue shield surface.
  4. Next, glue the small shield to the front of a t-shirt and leave it aside to dry.
  5. Now cut out the template for the cape neck piece.
  6. Fold over the large piece of yellow felt and align the neck piece shape along the folded edge as shown. Draw a line out from the edge of the next piece to the edge of the yellow, as shown, and continue by drawing a curved line across to the other side of the yellow felt. Using scissors carefully cut the cape out.
  7. Place the large shield on the back of the cape and glue in place. Then glue two velcro strips to the ends of the neck piece and leave all aside to dry.
  8. To make the mask, place the template on the yellow felt, trace around the edges and cut it out. Repeat this step with the blue felt.
  9. Glue two lengths of ribbon to either side of the mask.
  10. Glue the blue felt on top blue and glue two strips of velcro to the ends of the red ribbon (having measured against your child’s head first).