Ingredients (serves 6):

Note: A grown-up must supervise and help with preparation.


  1. Divide the raspberries between six small bowls.
  2. Prepare the raspberry jelly according to pack instructions. 
  3. Divide the jelly between the six bowls, pouring over the raspberries until each bowl is roughly half-full of jelly.
  4. Place the jelly bowls in the fridge until completely set.
  5. Once set, peel the oranges and break into segments.
  6. Arrange the segments neatly on top of the raspberry jelly in each bowl.
  7. Prepare the orange jelly according to pack instructions.
  8. Pour the orange jelly over the orange segments in each bowl, to form a second layer of jelly.
  9. Place the jelly bowls back in the fridge until both layers have completely set.