We all need a little bit of a break from homeschooling now and then and what better way to do that than by completing some Hey Duggee activity sheets!

We’ve got some great games and activities for your little Squirrels to complete in their downtime*

*And to hopefully give you big Squirrels a bit of a break for 5 minutes!

Map Maze

Earn your Treasure Badge by helping the Squirrels through the maze to find Duggee and the treasure!

Woofy Puzzles

Get your little Squirrels to practice their counting skills with these Duggee puzzles!

Woodland Walk

Cut out the Squirrels and play the Woodland Walk game. See who can be the first to get to the end and claim their Duggee hug!

Finding Badge

Can you use your Finding Badge to help us find all the animals and Squirrels in this picture?