Only the best for John and Nigel! After spending time watching Hey Duggee with her granddaughter, Alison decided to make this brilliant crab holiday home. Find out more about the craft and get some handy tips below to make this for your little Squirrels.

What’s your favourite thing about Hey Duggee?

I’ve watched the show with my granddaughter and am delighted by its inclusivity.

When did you begin crafting?

I grew up in a household where everyone made things.

What inspired or motivated you to make the craft?

Somebody my age, who grew up without inclusive TV, said something unkind to a friend. I think and hope little Squirrels will grow up more sensible than that.

How long did it take to make the craft?

The first one took ages because I was making it up as I went along and I’m very indecisive. The second was quick because I’d planned it out beforehand.

How did you bring the holiday home to life and do you have any tips we can share with other Hey Duggee fans who’d like to try making this themselves?

I wanted to make one that anyone could make without a fabric stash or sewing machine. This one is made from worn out blue clothes, 3 squares of new felt, some trimming, and hand sewing. Below are some instructions for anyone that would like to try making it too.

For Mr and Mr Crab

For the castle

For the sea bag

What did your granddaughter think of your creation?

She likes the suitcase best, and saying the word ‘sandcastle’. She plays with it like a bouncy castle for crabs.