Introduce Your Little One To The Joy Of Gardening.

Introduce Your Little One To The Joy Of Gardening.

It’s a great way to keep them occupied outdoors and will help instil a wealth of skills and knowledge about nature and wildlife.

Put Them In Charge

Children love being given responsibilities. It makes them feel grown-up and teaches them to be independent. So, give them a little section of garden to take over or put them in charge of a flower pot or window box. It will give them a real sense of achievement once they’ve actually grown something.

Get Planting!

Little ones don’t have the greatest patience when it comes to waiting for their plants to grow so choose something quick-sprouting like sunflower seeds or watercress that will have noticeable changes daily.

Just Add Water

Splash splash splash! Gardening is all about taking responsibility. Remind them that their seeds won’t grow without water and encourage them to give their seeds a little drink morning and evening using a mini watering can or hose.

Introduce Herbs

Once they’ve mastered the art of seed growing, try something more ambitious like mint or basil. Herbs will stimulate their senses of smell, touch and taste and you can show them how herbs can be used when cooking meals or to make a refreshing mint tea. It’s important for them to see how something they grew can be used. This can sometimes make foody fusspots more likely to try new things too. Win!

Grow Some Rabbit Food!

Growing veg is a great way to teach little ones where food comes from. This time of year is perfect for planting carrots. Give it a try!

Invest In Tools

Little hands need sturdy garden tools and a watering can to help them tend their plants. Using these around the garden will also help with fine motor skills, coordination and balance.

Be Sun Safe

Make sure your child is suitably clothed for getting hot and messy in the garden. They should wear a sun hat and apply sun screen regularly too.

Investigate Bugs And Butterflies

The garden is full of wonderful creatures to observe and admire. Get them to look around and find some. Try examining them in a bug catcher or using a magnifying glass.



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