Duggee’s Guide to going Green

Picture Shows: The Squirrels run off excited to make their own collection. Tag comes back to see Duggee as he doesn’t know what to collect. Duggee explains it can be anything…

We can all play our part in helping the planet. Going green can feel overwhelming, but there are some simple steps that you and your little Squirrels can take to be kinder to the earth.

Explaining ‘going green’ to Squirrels

Explaining why you’re taking steps towards going green is important, especially when making lifestyle changes. Explain to your Squirrels that the earth looks after us and in return, we should try our best to be kind to the earth, too. There are some things that our planet doesn’t like, such as plastics, litter and wasted energy. We should do more of the things that our earth DOES like.

Ways to go green

1. Recycle

Recycling is a great way to be kind to our planet, and there are plenty of things that can be recycled – paper, some plastics, cardboard and cans to name a few. When you’re finished with something, make sure it’s clean and then put it in the recycling to turn it into something new so someone else can enjoy it. Golden Bear for example, who make our Hey Duggee plush toys, use stuffing that’s made from recycled PET bottles.

2. Get crafty

Crafts can give a new life to objects that would otherwise go in the bin. You can make something fun with things like plastic bottles, toilet rolls and cardboard boxes. Find plenty of ideas for easy, eco-conscious crafts that your Squirrels will love here.

3. Don’t be a litterbug

Littering is bad for our planet. Rubbish left on the floor can harm the environment and animals, too. Make sure your rubbish always finds its way to a bin – you can go on a litter-pick day to keep your local park clean, too!

4. Give clothes a new life

Little Squirrels can grow out of clothes quickly, so instead of throwing them out, why not give them to a charity shop or recycling scheme? Some companies collect old clothing to turn it into something new, like Teemill, who make our Duggee t-shirts. They encourage people to return old clothes to them, where they make them into new products. Pick out some too-small clothes with your Squirrels and show them how to give them a new life.

5. Reuse products

You can be kinder to the planet by reusing old products. For example, take old plastic bags to the supermarket instead of buying new ones, and re-use water bottles. You can also buy re-usable water bottles and sturdy canvas bags to avoid single-use plastics.

6. Donate old toys

Instead of throwing away old toys and books when your little Squirrels grow out of them, donating them is another way to re-use them by sending on to a brand-new home.

7. Save energy and water

An easy way to help the planet is to turn off lights whenever they’re not being used. You can also save water by turning off taps while you’re brushing your teeth. Ask your Squirrels for other ways they can think of to save water!

8. Compost

Collecting food scraps for composting is a great way to be kinder to the planet. Rather than filling your bins with food waste, you can compost to add soil for future fruits and veggies.

9. Walk when you can

If you’re going on a short journey, why not walk or cycle instead of taking the car? It’s a chance to get some lovely fresh air AND earn your Walking Badge!

10. Enjoy the great outdoors

The world is a wonderful place, and getting outside to appreciate it can encourage us to take steps towards a greener life.