Here are 8 ways to make bath time a fun and exciting treat for your little Squirrels!

1. Bath bombs

Get a colourful child-friendly bath bomb and let your little Squirrels throw it in the bath. Watch all the colours swirl out as it fizzes in the water!

2. Have a pool party

Grab your swimming costumes and goggles and let’s have a pool party! Pretend you’re on a beach and swimming in the ocean. Don’t forget to watch out for Mr and Mr Crab!

3. Lots of BUBBLES

Add in some extra bath soap and create some monster FOAM! Make sure there are plenty of towels around as this one could get a little messy.

4. Earn your hair badge

The Squirrels present a montage of hairstyles for Duggee…

Let your little Squirrel test out new hairstyles using the bubbles and some shampoo. See if they can recreate a Duggee Mohawk!

5. Create your own Pool Noodle floating boats

Get crafty and create some of these fun Duggee boats that float on water. Have a race to see who’s boat gets to the finish line first!

6. Rain!

No, not actual rain, that would make too much of a mess! Grab a colander from the kitchen and let your little Squirrel watch the water come through the holes as they lift it out of the bath.

7. Argggh, Pirates!

Play “pirates” with your little Squirrels and get them to find hidden toys and objects at the bottom of the bath! Show them how to look through little foam windows and who knows you might find some lost treasure.

8. Have a bath disco!

Play some funky tunes and have a disco in the bath! Why not listen to the BRAND NEW Hey Duggee Bath Time song as an extra special treat!

What’s your favourite bath time game? 🛁🧼

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