We can’t all be on our feet all day, every day, so we have come up with some of our favourite games you can play with your little Squirrels that mean you don’t even have to leave your seat! RESULT!

Musical Statues Badge

Put some music on and get your little Squirrel to dance around. Press pause and see if your little one can stay as still as possible before the music starts again! This game can go on for ages and works really well with some added Duggee songs!

Earn your Remembering Badge!

Get a tray out and arrange a couple of items for your little Squirrel to see. Get them to close their eyes (maybe even turn around to make sure they don’t cheat!) and remove an item from the tray. Get your little Squirrel to figure out which item is missing! Keep the game going until all the items have gone.

The Whispering Badge

Sit in a circle with your little Squirrels and whisper something in their ear. They must then repeat it to the next person and so on until you get right to the end and that person has to say out loud what they heard!

The Quiet Squirrel Badge

Get your little Squirrels to sit in a circle. Give one of them a cuddly toy and they must throw the cuddly toy to someone else in the circle. The aim of the game is to keep very quiet and make sure the toy doesn’t touch the ground! If you drop the toy, make loud noises like Roly or talk then you’re out of the game.

Squirrel See, Squirrel Do Badge

Pick a Squirrel to be in charge and everyone has to copy what they do. The aim of this game is to keep as quiet as possible and try not to laugh!

Let us know what your favourite games are and how you got on! A-WOOF! 🐾