What’s it all about?

Duggee and the Squirrels have an exciting woodland adventure ahead of them, but first they must get ready. What is everyone’s morning routine?

Some Squirrels are more keen on early starts than others – Happy is ready before his alarm, whereas Roly sleeps right through it. Whilst the Squirrels fuel up with important breakfasts, Roly’s family are still trying to wake him up. Once they are all ready they set off on their walk. They see some amazing sights and interesting characters and they even get a magical lift home on a unicorn!

This Is The Episode Where…

  • The Squirrels all have a different way of waking up
  • Getting ready involves freshening up, brushing teeth and picking out the perfect outfit
  • Only the promise of breakfast gets Roly out of bed!
  • The Squirrels pack some essentials for their woodland walk

Roly! Are you using my moisturiser again? “

Roly’s Mum

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