What’s it all about?

Oh dear. Norrie is at home feeling poorly today. The Squirrels are trying to think of something they can do to cheer her up.

Great idea, Happy! A hand-delivered get well soon card made with glitter, glue, feathers and paint! Looks like there are some other animals like Chew Chew who need cheering up along the way too. Poor Chew Chew can’t reach her bamboo and she’s very hungry. Luckily the Squirrels can help! They bump into Frog and Caterpillar, who both feel a little sick. The Squirrels help them get well soon!

This Is The Episode Where…

  • Norrie is poorly today
  • The Squirrels decide to make her a get well soon card!
  • They bump into Chew Chew, Frog and Caterpillar who also need their help

Oh Darlings! I’m so pleased you’re here.“

Chew Chew


Make a get well soon card!

Being unwell can make people feel very sad and miserable. Try making them a card using some craft materials, pens and decorations to put a smile on their face.


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