Does that feel better, Duggee?

What’s it all about?

The Squirrels are outside, playing a game called “Copy the King” – they must follow Tag and copy his every move! When Tag falls over and hurts his knee, however, the Squirrels must find a way to make their friend better – so Duggee takes the opportunity to teach them all about First Aid! But have they bandaged Tag up a little too well?

This is the episode where:

  1. The narrator can’t find the Squirrels at the start!
  2. The Squirrels get so carried away bandaging Tag that they roll him into a huge ball.
  3. When Roly learns that a first aid kit contains things that make you feel better, his first thought is “Ice cream”!
Isn’t It Time For…?

Isn’t It Time For…?

At the start of the episode, Tag is playing with a toy train, when he realises it’s time for Squirrel club.

What did we learn?

  1. First Aid is what we give people who have cuts, grazes, scrapes and bruises to make them better.
  2. It’s a bit like being a doctor! Do you have a first aid kit near you? Ask a grown-up to show it to you, and explain what everything does.
Well That Was Fun, Wasn’t It, Duggee?

Well That Was Fun, Wasn’t It, Duggee?

As Duggee woofs, Enid pops up from a pile of bandages and miaows.

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