Rainy day fun with Duggee

Rainy day fun with Duggee

Stuck indoors on a rainy day but in desperate need of something to entertain your energetic little one? Never fear Hey Duggee is here!

Drawing, drawing, drawing!

Take a leaf out of Tag’s book. Grab some crayons and paper and let them create their own little masterpiece.

Colouring in!

Download and print our awesome character colouring in sheets.

Get crafty!

There are loads of fun Duggee crafts to try in our make section!

Play dress up!

Have a rummage through your wardrobe and let them play dressing up.  Then have a go at making and playing the Hey Duggee dressing up game!

Spend some time in the kitchen!

Baking is a great rainy day activity. There are loads of Duggee themed recipes on the Hey Duggee site! We just love these Duggee and Happy Cupcakes. They make the perfect viewing snack.

Sing and dance

Time to burn off some energy? Put on their favourite Hey Duggee songs and have a karaoke boogie party! Sticky, sticky, stick stick!

Curl up with a good book

Make a cosy reading nook with duvets, cushions, soft toys and blankets and have a cuddly story session. Hey Duggee books are also available!

Watching, watching, watching

There’s plenty of Hey Duggee episodes available to keep your little one entertained while they wind down from the exertions of the day.

Share your rainy day tips!

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