Get Your funny face Badge!

When Whoooooo the (Shamanistic) Owl was unhappy, Duggee and the Squirrels tried so many things to put a smile back on her beak…but nothing worked! That is, until Duggee remembered he had his Funny Face Badge.

The Squirrels worked together to come up with their silliest faces and Whoooooo smiled again! You can get your Funny Face Badge too, by filling in your Funny Face Activity Sheet. Don’t forget to share your drawings of your funniest faces with us, too!

Download the Funny Face Activity Sheet

Draw your funniest faces on our printable sheet!

Extra points go to any Squirrels who can tell us the real reason why Whoooooo the Owl was so sad. Need help to find the answer? Watch Hey Duggee: The Funny Face Badge to find out!