Hey Duggee Easter Boxes


Hey Duggee Easter Boxes

> Download instructions
Download rabbit box print out
> Download chicken box print out


  • Access to a colour printer
  • Medium weight card, e.g. 220gsm
  • Ruler
  • Scissors or craft knife
  • Fast drying paper glue
  • A ball stylus for scoring the folds


  1. Download and print the templates on medium weight card.
  2. Cut out each piece with a scissors or craft knife, carefully following the black outlines.
  3. Using the ruler and a ball stylus tool, very carefully score along the dotted white lines . If you don’t have a ball stylus tool, an old ball point pen that’s run out of ink makes a great tool for scoring lines, or you could use the tip of a darning needle.
  4. Carefully fold over each crease you scored so that the box starts to take shape. Take your time so that the paper doesn’t crack.
  5. Working with one box section at a time, and one tab at a time, apply glue the areas marked with blue lines.
  6. Following the lettering guides on the templates line up each glued tab with the corresponding edge, attach and hold for a few seconds for the glue to take hold. Continue until all tabs are glued – leave lid open…
  7. Rabbit box accessories: fold the ear shape in half along the dotted line, glue together to keep the ears folded flat, then glue the ears to the inside of the box face.
  8. Glue on the arms as shown, using the dotted lines on the sides of the box as a guide for positioning.
  9. Fold the lid closed (after you stuff the box full of Easter eggs or other goodies) and… ta-dah! your rabbit treat box is ready!
  10. For the chicken box, cut out the shapes along the black lines, score along the dotted white lines and then carefully fold and glue the pieces together to form a pyramid shape box. The back of the pyramid is the lid so just tuck in the flaps to close the box.
  11. Fold the beak, comb and tail feather pieces along the score lines and secure the tips with a dab of glue to keep them closed. Glue into position using the letters on the template as a guide. Make sure you glue the beak with the long side facing upward!

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