Hey Duggee’s top tips for travelling with toddlers

Duggee's top tips for travelling with toddlers

Travelling with children can be both challenging and rewarding. Here are Duggee's top tips for keeping little squirrels content on long journeys.

1. Always carry snacks

Toddler tantrums and bad moods are sometimes a side-effect of being hungry so it’s a really good idea to carry a supply of healthy snacks such as rice cakes, dried fruit and yoghurt pouches to keep the meltdowns at bay. If in doubt, take more than you think you’ll need to allow for any delays.

2. Pack a few favourite toys

Familiar toys and plushies can help ease little ones’ travel anxiety. Pack a few small toys to keep them busy and a favourite cuddly toy for them to snuggle up with. Plushies are also helpful if your child is fearful of new travel experiences.   “Look, Roly is getting on the aeroplane. Can you hold his hand? He might be a bit scared.”

3. Wear them out

If you’re going on a long journey where they’ll be stuck in their seat for hours in a car or on a flight, you’ll be grateful if they spend at least some of that time asleep. Duggee’s top tip is to give them lots of exercise beforehand. Walk them around the airport get them to jump up and down on the spot before boarding your flight or look out for service stations with playgrounds and let them work off some of that boundless energy ready for a nice nap when they’re finally sitting down.

4. Make them comfortable

And if they’re going to nap, you’ll need to make them comfortable first. Neck pillows are great for supporting the head when they fall asleep sitting down. Pack a small travel blanket or comforter to keep them warm and soft toy to snuggle too. If you’re travelling overnight, get them changed into pyjamas, pull-ups and brush their teeth to maintain as much of a normal routine as possible.

5. Load up your tablet

Download some age-appropriate games via our Squirrel club app and don’t forget to download your favourite episodes of Hey Duggee before you go, so you won’t need a wi-fi connection to watch.

6. Carry colouring pens and crayons

For train and plane journey’s it’s essential to have some colouring and activity sheets to hand. Download and print our Duggee colouring sheets ahead of your journey. Don’t forget to pack a good selection of crayons and pens too!

7. Bring along books

Books are an absolute essential for long journeys.  Enjoy puzzles, spot-the-difference, drawing, stories and stickers together to pass the time. Check out our wooftastic selection of Hey Duggee story and activity books that are ideal for taking on holiday.

8. Play travel games

Travel games are a fun way to pass the time on a long journey. The whole family can join in playing games like I Spy and Spot the Car as well as counting and memory games.

9. Pack a change of clothes


Spilled drinks, toilet accidents, messy eaters. Carrying a spare set of clothing when travelling with toddlers is a no brainer. Especially if it’s Hey Duggee clothing!

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