Dress Up Duggee

Dress Up Duggee

It’s time to earn your Dressing Up Badge! Swap and change Duggee’s outfits in this fun game!

> Download instructions and templates


  • scissors
  • small paper tube
  • tall paper tube (like a kitchen roll)
  • craft glue
  • Scalpel


  1. Using the template provided cut out Duggee’s body details and clothes (template includes five outfits).
  2. With the paper tubes make sure the small tube slides comfortably up and down inside the tall tube.
  3. Glue Duggee’s face and body template piece to the small paper tube. Then glue one of the brown circles to the top of his head.
  4. Fold Duggee’s ear pieces along the centre guide line and glue back on themselves.
  5. Next glue the ears on to the side of Duggee’s head.
  6. Put two dots of glue at either end of the small rectangle paper strip and glue to the top of Duggee’s head, to make a slot for Duggee’s hats.
  7. Using a scalpel, carefully cut the tall kitchen paper tube into four equal lengths – each slice matching the outfit height.
  8. Glue Duggee’s different outfits around the cardboard tube pieces.
  9. For Duggee’s superhero cape, put glue on the top edge only.
  10. For Duggee’s hats, fold them along the white centre line and glue back on themselves. Then fold over the brown tab to slide into the slot created in step no. six.

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