Dance with Duggee

Dance with Duggee

28th of April is International Dance Day - a great excuse to get active and have some fun with your squirrels. Get your groove on with these funky dances from Hey Duggee.

Do the Stick Dance

Get your best hops, wiggles, stomps and raves on with The Stick Song Dance!

Do the raindance!

“Come on clouds! Help the plants! We’re doing Duggee’s, rain dance!”

Learn the rain dance moves

“Clap, clap, wiggle, wiggle, jump” Doing the rain dance is easy!

Do the hair dance!

Duggee teaches you a new dance to show you how to wash your hair. What hairstyle should Duggee have?

Do some eggsercise!

The Squirrels need eggs for their omelette’s but the chickens are too busy watching television to make any! Time to get in some exercise! Can you dance along with Duggee and the chickens?

Do the bug dance!

Well howdy-doody-doo Squirrels! Billy and the Silly’s welcome you to the Dancing Bug Ball!

Share your favourite dance moves!

Join the squirrel club!

Download the Hey Duggee app for more cool dance moves and to stay up to date with all the latest news from the clubhouse!

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