Cardboard box fire engine

Cardboard box fire engine

Duggee to the rescue! Earn your ‘Super Craft Badge’ and learn how to make this awesome fire truck!

Download instructions and templates


  • large cardboard box
  • scissors or craft knife
  • pen/marker
  • ruler
  • red and grey/black paint
  • paint brush
  • quick drying glue
  • orange coloured paper
  • craft bell
  • thread
  • thick strap/ribbon
  • paper to print the templates
  • two split-pins
  • velcro


Depending on the height of your box you might need to trim, as shown in steps 1 and 2

  1. Trim your box as shown in step 1
  2. Trim your box as shown in step 2
  3. Paint the box red with a grey or black strip along the base. We used tester pots of household paint which cover the printed box graphics more solidly, in just one or two coats! Leave aside to dry.
  4. Cut out all the accessory details from the templates provided. Such a fun way to learn shapes and colours.
  5. Glue all the details to the fire engine. Follow the design in the photos or use the details to design your own fire engine.
  6. Making the ladder – You need long strips of orange paper for the sides of the ladder and short strips for the ladder steps. You might need to join lengths of orange paper to make a ladder long enough to suit your box size.
  7. Just glue the strips together and glue to each side of the fire engine.
  8. Making the Steering Wheel – Glue the wheel from the template provided to cardboard and cut to the circular shape.
  9. Using scissors carefully pierce a hole in the centre of the steering wheel.
  10. Pierce a corresponding hole in the front of the fire engine.
  11. Push through a split-pin to hold the wheel in place. Making The Bell Pole
  12. Cut an L shape from some cardboard and paint it red.
  13. Attach the bell to the cardboard L by looping through a hole or use another split-pin. Glue the L to the box as shown.
  14. (Optional) Making the Seat Belt – safety first – Glue one end of the ribbon to a back corner of the box.
  15. Glue a piece of velcro on the other end of the ribbon and it’s corresponding velcro piece the front of the box.

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