5 Fab Hey Duggee Easter activities

5 Fab Hey Duggee Easter activities

Keep them entertained over the long-weekend with our eggcellent Easter makes and activities. A-woof!


Reimagine Duggee as an egg!

Give your little one the chance to paint their very own version of Duggee as an egg. We’re rather pleased with ours. Check out the matching egg cup. Paint your own and share your work with us on Instagram by tagging your photo with @heyduggee


Make Easter boxes!

Scissors and glue at the ready. Help them cut out and stick these fun chicken and rabbit Easter boxes together. Once they’re dry, they’ll be ready to fill with mini Easter eggs and given to friends and family as Easter gifts or used for your egg hunt.

> Instructions


Make some bunny masks!

Download and make these eggciting Easter bunny mask templates. Make them for the whole family and have an Easter egg hunt!

> Download the template

Duggee eggs

Paint Squirrel Eggs

Hard boil and then cool a dozen eggs, grab some paint and let them have a go at painting their very own Squirrel themed eggs. They can be as abstract or detailed as they like. Follow up with a Squirrels egg and spoon race!

Isn't it time egg hunt?

Give your Easter Egg hunt a Duggee makeover with these Squirrel finger puppets that can be used as pointers and clues.

> Download finger puppet templates

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